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TEMPORAL DREAMS is a fun and interesting read for fans of YA fiction and/or theoretical physics, and will appeal to anyone who has ever wished they could go back in time and change at least one thing in their past. --Indie Reader


Interview about Temporal Dreams: Lesley L. Smith on loving physics and her book Temporal Dreams


Very cool book! I loved it... This story of Kyle and his time traveling was quite the adventure. I raced right through reading it, because it was such an intense, fascinating read that I couldn't put it down. I'm so going to read more by this author...--L. Broom


I loved it! You can really tell the author Lesley L. Smith took the time to really think this story through and make wonderful characters in this incredible adventure of time traveling...--Kira


Temporal Dreams. This book was outstanding! The crazy suspense of both Kairi and Kyle time traveling was intense...--G. Mills


...The author did an incredible job with the story, both points of view, the story line and making the story super interesting with all of the details...--V. Padrnos


I liked this book: I found the characters relatable & enjoyable, I thought the dialog & descriptions were easy to read, and I thought the plot was interesting & well developed...--M. Arcara

              temporal dreams

         Temporal Dreams

      What if Dreamtime is real?

In Colorado in the near future, twenty-one-year-old former foster-kid Kairi Johnson's dream is to start a family of her own. So when her boyfriend proposes on spring break, she thinks she has it made--until she wakes up alone in the middle of nowhere. When she hitchhikes home she realizes she's trapped twenty years in her past. Kairi discovers she can time-travel and attempts to use her power to get back home.

But time-travel isn't as simple as it first appears. Each successive time trip results in more and more people getting hurt: she loses her fiance and her best friend and discovers she's the reason for her parents' deaths. All seems lost until she meets a fascinating stranger, Kyle.

In Sydney, Australia in the near future, twenty-five-year-old Kyle Barada is heir to his clan's Time-Travel business. When his dad dies under suspicious circumstances, Kyle becomes The Traveler and does his duty for their corporate clients. But when he vows to find out what really happened to his father, Kyle rebels against the regulations of his clan's Traveling legacy and discovers a mysterious relative's been working against him. When Kyle's replaced by this usurper, all seems lost until he tracks down clan member, Kairi.

Can Kairi and Kyle time-travel together to save everyone they love?


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Kairi's adventures continue...


                   New Story: Temporal Romance January 2017
Kairi Djaru Story 1
When Kairi Djaru discovers the love of her life she can't resist tampering with the timeline to have the perfect date. What could possibly go wrong?

                   New Story: Temporal Independence July 2017
Kairi Djaru Story 2
When the Fourth of July celebration explodes, time traveler Kairi Djaru has to try to save the day. Can she save the thousands of people put in danger?

                   New Story: Temporal Turkey November 2017
Kairi Djaru Story 3
Time traveler Kairi Djaru is nervous about meeting her boyfriend's parents at Thanksgiving dinner. Things seem to be going pretty well until ...someone dies.

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